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Night Falls - The Quiet One, The One You Thought You Knew

About Night Falls

Previous Entry Night Falls Jul. 12th, 2004 @ 07:41 pm Next Entry
Once again, night is falling.and I stare down at the beach after dinner, my hands on the rails. Justin is helping Genna clean up the kitchen. She slept well last night, and we helped her with her garden this morning. Later, we visited the Dark Lord. He was more than pleased with our efforts of last night, and I feel we are climbing even more in his favor. Daphne did well too. While there, I overheard the lower echelon discussing Daphne and our Lord. He had never favored her over the others, but it would appear she is taking Bellatrix' place. I wonder how she is dealing with that realization.

As if she could read my mind, I received an owl from Daphne this afternoon. I regarded it for a while. If she is to be the Dark Lord's consort, it is important that we work with her, even though our Strike Force is higher in the council than her own. Certainly, it can not hurt to have an allegiance with her and Nott. If anything, the four of us worked well last night, and the four of us can certainly give some of the older Death Eaters something to worry about, as well as watch each other's backs. I do not pretend to think she isn't wary of Justin. But by his behaviour lately, I feel he is ingratiating himself to the other Death Eaters. I think back on Genna's words. Yes, it is best to keep all our options open, and allying with Daphne and Nott is just one way to do so.

A voice interrupts my thoughts, and I feel Justin's hands on my shoulders. His lips press against my neck, and I smile. "Remembering last night?" he asks.

I feel a flash of heat go through me at the thought, and my gaze travels down to the rocky cove.

We'd apparated back to the cottage, the Dark Magic spilling out of us in its intensity. The moment we hit the sand, he'd pulled me roughly to him, his lips devouring mine, his tongue demanding entrance to my mouth. A maelstrom of desire had fountained through me, and I had practically clawed at his robes, my hands seeking the bare skin of his chest. We sank down to the ground, his mouth kissing my neck, biting the skin on my shoulder as he ripped my robes open. The magic fairly crackled from us, sparks lighting the night, and falling sizzling into the water that surged in with the nearby tide. By the time we were both naked, he was already driving inside me, his cock growing larger and harder with each thrust. His fingers dug into my arm and the back of my neck, bruising, marking, and I felt the wetness between my legs growing more slick as his ragged voice whispered in my ear. Words of power, words of claiming. My ankles locked up behind his back as I met him thrust for thrust, the shared power, like fire in our veins. The rocks were hard and painful against my back, but it only added to the urgency, the animalistic feel of the encounter. My cries echoed up the cliff as he fucked me harder and harder, until finally his mouth covered my own, silencing my screams, taking them inside him, the sensation of his tongue plundering my mouth drove me over the edge, and I came, barely able to breathe, unable to think, as he emptied inside me, his body covering mine, his hands tangled in my hair.

I looked up into his eyes, they were dark, almost black, and I felt a cold thrill at the look he gave me. The power still surged through us both, and when I pushed him up with my hands. making him roll over, his cock grew hard once again, but this time, I led.

I looked up at him and smiled, my voice a low caress. "Feel like a little reenactment?" He had me in his arms and starting down the steps before I could say another word.
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