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Gentle Rain - The Quiet One, The One You Thought You Knew

About Gentle Rain

Previous Entry Gentle Rain Jul. 17th, 2004 @ 08:13 am Next Entry
I lay awake in bed this morning. Justin's body is taking up more than half the bed, his arm sprawled out over the side. I woke up early, the sound of the gentle rain falling waking me. It's quiet in the house, and I think even Genna decided to stay in bed. I lay, watching him sleep. My hand is resting on his chest, and from time to time, my eyes fall to the ring.

I can't believe he asked me. I thought he might, but it never seemed possible somehow.

I have vague childish memories of writing his name and mine in my Herbology notebook over and over in various combinations. It was the one he borrowed and somehow "lost". I wonder if he had kept it. The thought makes me smile. There's too little that does nowadays. Last night was the first I hadn't had nightmares about Marcus and about what happened. I haven't told Justin about them. He's upset enough already. Thankfully, last night's events helped me have a quiet night.

My dreams were simple, and I don't remember them, but they make me recollect my childhood dreams of being with him. My parents wouldn't have approved, I'm sure, but they wouldn't unless I had married the man they'd picked out for me. I smile and stroke his cheek. This is so much better.

Is it possible to be happy in the midst of all that surrounds us? Apparently so. For one night I didn't allow myself to think of the Dark Lord, of what we've done, of what we'll still do. Last night was just about us. He stirs slightly and gathers me closer in his arms. The Dark Mark is clear on his skin, and I lay my own next to it, comparing the two. We're bonded together in more ways than one.
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