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Looking for a Place to Call Home - The Quiet One, The One You Thought You Knew

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Previous Entry Looking for a Place to Call Home Jul. 19th, 2004 @ 09:49 pm Next Entry
Justin and I both feel releived now that we know Genna is safe. Yesterday, we spent time with her again, helping her finish her summer garden and Justin helped her fix a few more things around the house. Last night though, we talked, and we both agree we keep her in danger the longer we're here. We need to move on, to distract people from her.

We can't go back to the flat in London. Not for some time, I think, even with working on the wards. It's too vulnerable. Too many people know where it is. No. We need a new base of operations. I broached the idea to Justin. I have a good deal of jewelry from my mother, and if we sell it, we can easily afford another place. Certainly I won't be requiring the use of a tiara in the near future.

After some discussion, he went alone to gather my jewelry box, along with a trunk of clothes for each of us, some of my books, and Batu. Genna isn't thrilled to see the little monster, but we assured her he'd be leaving releived us of the jewels. Between that and what I have in my Swiss Accounts I set aside before the Gringott's attack, we should be set for some time to come.

Tonight we start looking for places to live. I bring out the catalogs I picked up in London, and we begin to pour over the pictures. Despite the necessity, it's exciting, because really what we're doing is picking out our house. Together. I smile down at my ring. I like that idea.
How I'm feeling: excitedexcited
What I Hear: Justin extoling on the importance of a wood burning range
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